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The Pakistani band Dusk has deep roots in the dark earth of heavy metal. It was born in Karachi in 1994 under the name Carcinogenic as the brainchild of Babar Sheikh and released a first demo the following year. By 1999 Babar had formed a partnership with guitarist Faraz Anwar, and along with drummer Irfan Ahmed they released their debut album My Infinite Nature Alone in 1999.

After that Dusk released two more albums and a handful of shorter releases. There were line-up changes, and the band’s stylistic directions changed as well. As Metal-Archives sums it up, Dusk began as a death metal band, moved into doom, further evolved into makers of progressive music, and then turned to death/thrash. But as you are about to discover, Dusk have returned to their death/doom roots.

This year Dusk will release their fourth full-length in a career that now spans a quarter-century. Babar Sheik is still at the helm, but has been joined on the new album by drummer Halim (Tremor ov Kaos of Impiety), long-time comrade Mike Bloodcurse (Illemauzar) on bass, and guest appearances by both metal and non-metal artists. The album is entitled The Imaginary Dead, and today we’re premiering a stunning song from the album in advance of its release early this year by Cyclopean Eye Productions.



In this new song, “Ancient Shattered Moon“, massive drum strikes detonate like bombs and tumble like an avalanche of enormous boulders. No less massive, distorted chords moan and writhe, accompanied by inflamed screams, tormented growls, and haunting wails. Although the song proceeds at a heaving, staggering pace, its intensity is wrenching, and becomes even more striking thanks to a frenetic guitar solo whose fevered and freakish tones penetrate the mind with incinerating power.

As the song proceeds, the drumwork continues to hit with shuddering force, the savagery of the vocals is unabated, and the desolate tones of the riffing burrow deeper and deeper, becoming even more steeped in hopelessness. Near the end the rhythm section lock into a more vibrant and head-hooking groove as ethereal, wailing guitar leads provide glimmers of tragic beauty. The overarching effect of the song is both unnerving and mesmerizing, and altogether epic.



For further info about the release of Dusk‘s new album, keep an eye on the links provided below — and then also check out a video teaser for the album.



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