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Those French metal dudes up there look like they’re having fun, don’t they? But how are they having fun with their music?

You would have some idea if you caught their self-titled 2017 debut EP, which was a wild, slaughtering romp of d-beat-infused old school death metal, packed with heavyweight chainsawing riffs, neck-smacking drumwork, insane vocals, and soloing that was both berserk and psychedelic, but with a songwriting dynamism that also dragged the music into ghastly graveyard gruesomeness.

Redefining Darkness Records did catch that EP, and became obsessed with it (having finally heard it, we can understand why), to the point that the label had to sign Disfuneral for the release of their debut album Blood Red Tentacle on April 15th of this year. The EP really was tremendously good, and the song we’re premiering from the album today is a bright sign that the new album will be too.

cover artist Jon Whiplash was having fun too

The passage of four years is enough time that line-up changes might be expected, but the foursome who made the EP — vocalist Renaud Mann, guitarist Florian Brabant, bassist Clement Favre, and drummer Nicolas Bauer — are still in harness together, and that’s very good news, as you’ll discover when you listen to this new song, “Eternal“.

As for what the song is about, Disfuneral reveal that it “tells the story of a man who is willing to sacrifice everything to obtain eternal life. He will get it but at the cost of ending up mummified alive forever.”

In narrating that morbid tale the band bring into play everything that made the EP so eye-opening, and more. The song lumbers forward like a mighty beast, drums pounding with earth-shuddering force, guitars groaning and shrieking in a display of hideously oppressive power. The drums and bass kick the song into higher gear, and the guitars maul and mangle. The vocals are just as inflamed and voracious as on the EP, rearing up from merciless growls into livid screams.

The song becomes increasingly barbaric as it moves, with the drums thundering at high speed and the guitars writhing in madness. But the lumbering, groaning beast returns, just in time for a solo to pour out its misery. Accelerating again, the band romp and ravage toward the finish line, this time getting extra fuel from a spitfire solo.

Yeah, Disfuneral are having fun, but it’s savage fun they’re having, and their death metal revels are contagious.



Blood Red Tentacle was recorded by Disfuneral, and it was mixed and mastered by Robert Pehrsson at Studio Humbucker in Sweden. Redefining Darkness is releasing the album in vinyl, CD, and digital editions, and opportunities for pre-orders have now been launched.




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