Mar 092022


This coming April Lethal Scissor Records will release the debut EP of an Italian grindcore band who call themselves Fadead and whose experienced line-up includes Y. (Vomit the Soul, ex-Precognitive Holocaust Annotations), V. (Spells of Misery, Bolvangar, Vertebra Atlantis), and R.

The name of the EP is Terra Ferita, and it comes recommended for fans of Nasum, Cripple Bastards, and Napalm Death. To help spread the word about it, today we’re premiering a lyric video (in Italian) for a brutal assault named “L’estremità del mondo“.

The song barely breaks the two-minute mark, but it breaks everything in a maniacal and vicious musical rampage. The drumming discharges blasting fusillades, full-throttle gallops, and bone-fracturing progressions. If anything, the riffing is even more slaughtering. The guitar feverishly cavorts, convulses in cruel and cutting blizzards of sound, savagely slashes, and blares in triumph.

Music this brazen and barbaric demands vocals that are equally crazed and lethal, and the guttural roars and lunatic screams that accompany this mayhem give you that.

In a nutshell, this is a no-holds-barred barrage that will dose you with a big jolt of adrenaline, and don’t be surprised if it gets stuck in your head too. Repeat plays are a must.

For more info about the release of Terra Ferita check these locations:




  1. Fucking excellent grind! I don’t care that I don’t speak Italian, I know the lyrics are pissed off. Best find of 2022 so far!


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