Mar 152022

At the end of last month we premieredKatabatic Deliverance“, a song off the forthcoming fifth album by the harrowing Georgia-based death metal band Father Befouled, and now it’s our diabolical pleasure to bring you another track off this jaw-dropping new record.

The name of the album is Crowned in Veneficum. In case your Latin is rusty, veneficum is connected to the word veneficus, which connotes both poison and sorcery. And this new song you’re about to hear, “Salivating Faithlessness“, is indeed a dose of poisonous aural sorcery.

Tuned to the tone of toxins, the guitars swirl and swarm and then convulse in paroxysms of berserk violence over riotous drum blasting and grotesque guttural growls. The black magic in the song emerges in a supernatural guitar lead that seems to writhe in misery. That’s followed by another stupefying convulsion, but the song continues to morph.

As the drums slow and boom, the riff vibrations transmit sounds of cruelty and contagion, and a solo erupts like a flamethrower that has achieved sentience and then become insane — white-hot and screaming.

As this ravishing song makes its way to the end, the drums clatter and detonate again and the guitars contort into a roiling riff-storm of flesh-eating pestilence. It’s all hideous, and it’s all electrifying.

As we wrote in the context of our first premiere, Father Befouled revel in sounds of unholy terror in this new album. They display frightening mastery in their ability to combine visceral rhythmic power with music and vocals that radiate unearthly eeriness, blood-congealing horror, and ravaging madness — and the songs’ macabre melodic hooks get stuck in the head too.

Crowned in Veneficum features cover art by Kevin Rita. It will be released through Everlasting Spew Records on March 25th in CD, tape, and digital formats, with a vinyl edition expected in late 2022. It comes recommended for fans of Incantation, Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum, and Immolation.

In addition to relevant links, we’ve also included a stream of the album’s first two singles, including the one we premiered: “Unheavenly Catechesis” and “Katabatic Deliverance“.

Justin Stubbs – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Rhys Spencer – Bass
Amos Rifkin – Drums
Derrik Goulding – Lead & Rhythm Guitars



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