Apr 132022


Later this month Lethal Scissor Records will release the raging debut EP of an Italian grindcore band who call themselves Fadead and whose experienced line-up includes Y. (Vomit the Soul, ex-Precognitive Holocaust Annotations), V. (Spells of Misery, Bolvangar, Vertebra Atlantis), and R.

The name of the EP is Terra Ferita, and it comes recommended for fans of Nasum, Cripple Bastards, and Napalm Death. To help spread the word about it, last month we premiered a lyric video for a brutal two-minute assault named “L’estremità del mondo“. Today we prolong the assault by un-caging the entire EP so it can run rampant through your skull for… a whole nine minutes.

Yeah, Terra Ferita doesn’t last long, but it’s probably a mercy to your bones and brains that it’s not longer. In faithful grindcore tradition the five songs really fly by, but though they’re often chaotically fast and stunningly ferocious, what makes the EP stand out, in addition to the top-shelf technical execution, is just how much Fadead pack into a compact space.

The drumming is impressively fast and precise, but in addition to delivering jaw-dropping bursts of riotous obliteration, the rhythmic patterns also change on a dime in unexpected ways. The guitar and bass riffing is often equally fast and furious, but careens and cavorts in electrifying fashion, and the fretwork spurts sounds of string torture like blood from a freshly opened jugular vein, while the bass gets a few brief but juicy solos of its own. Not to be outdone, the vocals are utterly rabid but they also maniacally veer from feral screams to bestial roars.

In the main, the EP is nine minutes of savage delirium, but Fadead break up the insanity with blaring and slashing chords that channel a kind of brazen defiance and cold-eyed fury. And the production of the music makes it explosively powerful.

Last but certainly not least, the songs are embedded with murderous hooks, both in the riffs and in the grooves, that get them stuck in the head. It takes almost no volition to reach the end and then loop right back to the start, to get your adrenaline triggered all over again.

It may be short, but this EP is one of the best grindcore releases you’re likely to come across this year. See for yourselves:

Lethal Scissor will release the EP in CD and digital formats, and you can find pre-order info via the links below.




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