May 052022

The beautifully made video you’re about to see takes us on a journey of mystery, menace, magic, and madness. We follow the actions of a lone shirtless man who appears to be engaged in a ritual of incantations and blood, a ritual that spawns hallucinatory visions and the presence of a hooded figure who may not be of this world. The man seems to spasm like a puppet on a string. He burns from the inside out, and perhaps what burns is his soul — as it is removed and encased in a different vessel, leaving his body a lifeless husk.

Does he experience a wretched kind of bliss during the course of this experience? Well, that is the name of the fantastic song by Tomb of Finland which the video presents, a song that will be released as a single on May 6th to help pave the way for the band’s forthcoming third album, which will be released later this year by Uprising! Records.

These gloomy and glowering Finnish tomb-dwellers have already made a name for themselves with two studio albums, Below the Green (2015) and Frozen Beneath (2018), but this new song points the way higher for them, toward summits where the best purveyors of doom-influenced melodic death metal rule like cold lords in a cold land.

Wretched Bliss” really is a powerfully captivating song, one that’s heavy as hell and hard-hitting but also emotionally evocative and memorable. It’s a bit of a slow burn, led by an opening guitar lead that moans and wails above crushing chords and an earth-shaking rhythm that staggers and then rumbles. A jolting pulse develops as the crackle of savage vocals rear their hostile head, and a feeling of excitement comes through in the music as it soars in the chorus.

The lead guitar slithers through the song’s growing tumult like a serpent seeking prey, and abyssal vocals ring out in imperious tones, echoing the main line of those vicious snarls. An interlude follows, in which the music slows and creates a space for the beginning of a sorcerous guitar solo that then leads the song back into a reprise of the track’s most earth-heaving and soul-stirring moments of spectacle.

Like the video, the song itself is a journey of mystery, menace, magic, and madness, and we predict it’s one you won’t soon forget.

The video was filmed, directed, and edited by Hannu Mikkola. As noted, the song will be released as a single tomorrow, and you can find out how to get it through the first link below. For more info about the new album as it becomes available, we’ve also provided ways to follow Tomb of Finland, whose line-up is here:

Olli Suvanto – vocals
Jasse Von Hast – guitars
Mikko Hannuksela – guitars
Ville Kangasharju – bass
Janne Lukki – drums




  1. Just be sure you search for Tomb of Finland and not Tom of Finland (I remember this being mentioned in an older review. Possibly on NCS).

    Great track. Too bad they don’t have a Bandcamp page.

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