May 162022


We’ll make you a solemn promise: Whatever condition you happen to be in now (unless you’re in a coma), the song and video we’re about to present will make you feel orders of magnitude more alive, accelerating your heart-rate, igniting your fast-twitch muscles, and spinning your head like a glorious top. And for those of you who want your music to attack like a pack of rabid dogs, it fills that need, too.

The song is “Veil of the Reaper“, and it comes from Hymns Of Blinding Darkness, the forthcoming second album by the Los Angeles band Our Dying World. The new album marks a significant departure from the music on their full-length debut, Expedition, moving in directions that may spawn memories of such bands as Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, and Dimmu Borgir, and you’ll get a vivid understanding of that when you hear “Veil of the Reaper“.

photo by Jamie Kaufman

The video begins in slow motion as the band members move in shadows toward their instruments, backed by bright lights, billowing fog, and a somber but mesmerizing symphonic introduction to the song. Having taken their positions in such stately fashion, the band continue to prepare themselves as the audio jolts the listener with spine-cracking percussive assaults and darting strings. Where is all this leading?

Where it leads is toward an explosion of pummeling drums, jittery and blaring riffage, and feral, scalding howls. It’s an electrifying eruption of volcanic savagery, super-heated in its intensity and propelled by jaw-fracturing grooves. The guitars ring like frenzied sirens, and the keyboard darts like a swallow. But the music’s heart-in-your-throat intensity climbs still higher, becoming a sweeping and splendid firestorm of sound, sparked by harmonized leads, exhilarating, fret-melting, melodic solos, and full-bore vocal barbarity.

It’s the kind of nova-like spectacle that takes your breath away, and by the end the band’s rapid-fire grooves are also giving your neck a hell of a rough workout too. The fast-cutting video by Industrialism Films only adds to the song’s adrenaline-fueling impact.

Hymns Of Blinding Darkness is set for release on June 24th. It was produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound, and features artwork by Nick Laux. It comes recommended for fans of the afore-mentioned bands, as well as Lamb Of God and Wintersun. Keep an eye on th elinks below for further info about the release and how to pick it up.

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