Jun 302022

The fourth installment of Northwest Terror Fest begins today (Thursday) in Seattle and runs through Saturday night. Three of us here at NCSAndy Synn, DGR, and myself (islander) — will be working the festival, which is an event we’ve helped produce since the first year,

This is going to be the best-attended installment of NWTF ever, which probably is in part a reaction to two years of covid screwing up everyone’s life, and obstructing the ability of NWTF to proceed safely. We’re obviously not out of the woods yet, and the festival is requiring pro of vaccination to get into the venues, but people are obviously ravenous for this kind of thing to happen again.

As you can see, the line-up is also great — though some covid-produced last -minute changes aren’t reflected there, including Cryptic Slaughter having to drop and Midnight agreeing to step up and take their place at the literal last minute.

The main point of this post is to alert everyone that because we’re working the festival, you most likely won’t see many (or possibly any) posts from us until next week.

Until then, what are you folks listening to these days? If you’ve got any good recommendations, or feel like talking about anything else, please leave a comment below. We’ll chime in as time permits.

  4 Responses to “NWTF BLOG BREAK”

  1. I knew I’d finally miss an NWTF and I had a feeling this would be the year. Enjoy it, my dudes – you’ve certainly worked your asses off for it. I’ll be there in spirit. Looking forward to seeing the posts that follow.

  2. Get me a Ripped to Shreds shirt

    • Well shit, I would have done that except I didn’t see this comment until now! I really kind of tuned out the rest of the world for the last four days.

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