Oct 252022

What you’re about to experience is a blood-rushing death metal song that’s both powerfully groove-some and maniacally unhinged — and it’s as catchy as Chlamydia too. It comes coupled with a video that renders a horrific lyrical portrayal of abominable butchery, agony, and pain.

For this startling and addictive experience we give thanks to the North Dakota band Gorgatron and their new EP Agony Reborn, which is set for a November 4 release by Blood Blast Distribution. It’s the EP’s title track that we’re bringing you now — and you’d best take some deep breaths while you can.

Prepare for a high-speed battering, coupled with riffing that brays in maddened tones and jitters and squirms in a different manifestation of lunacy, one that seems… insectile. The thudding and convulsive grooves produce reflexive muscle action, even as the frenzied riffing will get your blood pumping, and the vocals are both utterly barbaric and gruesomely noxious.

There’s also a solo in the song whose queasy sensations may send you searching for dramamine, and following a bridge another solo arrives, but this one is a weird and wailing manifestation of delirium. As forecast above, the mad pulsations and furious spasms in the music turn out to be highly infectious, and there’s also something about the music, especially in the second half, that sounds brazenly glorious.

The pandemic years produced a lot of misery and death, but they also led to creative outbursts, and the Agony Reborn EP is one of those. As explained by Gorgatron bassist Cameron Dewald:

“We were on track to do a bunch of touring etc to support our last album Pathogenic Automation (2020) but clearly and for obvious reasons that didn’t happen… So instead we stayed as busy as we could in 2020 and 2021, played a few shows and hashed out some new tunes. The cover for ‘Dead Embyronic Cells‘ was originally for Metal Injection’s Slay At Home series, but we ended up holding onto it and found a suitable home for it on this EP.”

The EP is also the final release of the band’s deal with Blood Blast Distribution, which included three original studio recordings and that cover of Sepultura‘s “Dead Embryonic Cells.” Gorgatron is currently seeking a new label for release of the band’s recently recorded full-length album. Interested parties should contact Cameron.Gorgatron@gmail.com.

Paul Johnson – Guitar
Coop Schuh – Lead Guitar
Cameron Dewald – Bass
Matt Johnson – Drums
Karl Schmidt – Vocals

The EP comes recommended for fans of Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Necrophagist, Hate Eternal, Sepultura, Megadeth, Origin, Municipal Waste, Skinless, Goatwhore, Razor, Nile, Slayer, etc. It will be released on digital and cassette formats (the cassette version is limited to 100 copies and also includes four exclusive live tracks on Side B).

Check out the links below, and then also check out the the band’s previous video for the song “The Unwilling“, assuming you’re old enough.




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