Nov 042022

(We have two track premieres for you today from the Canadian band Holy Grinder, one of which comes with a video, prefaced with an introduction by Christopher Luedtke.)

Noise and grind are the perfect marriage. Say what you want of grind, but noise can get married to just about any genre, though when paired with grind it is as perfect as pizza. Holy Grinder has known this not-so-secret blend of gnarly herbs and jangly spices since before their inception. And they’re back to throw another molten slice into our faces and down our throats.

The Toronto, Ontario noisecore/noisegrinders in Holy Grinder have been dishing out the pain since 2016. They have done splits and collaborations with the likes of Christian Lovers, Kubine, Agothocles, Ancient Torture Techniques, and others. And have made it something of a point to both experiment with their sound and attempt to have it descend further into a near wall of noise. Here we have a dual offering from the chaotic void-dwellers, one furious noisegrind skull crusher, another longer, more noise addled dissertation.

The first of these is “Toxic Positivity”, which also comes in music video format. In forty seconds Holy Grinder deliver a thick, noisy, ugly cut of ferocity. It even feels like it’s channeling some heavy, metallic hardcore elements with its breaks. The swirling noise makes it dizzying. It’s Holy Grinder in the form we have come to know.

The second offering, “Excrement Cage”, is more of a noise/noisecore offering. A trumpet opens the track and drums can be heard in the background. Then things kick into pure typhoon blasting chaos. As the track fires forward things slow and the feedback ramps up, ensuring the tension only breaks when the track cuts out.



Both of these are tracks are out now as a sinle but will also be included on the upcoming album 10 Desecrations. A tape version is available from Baby Chico Records along with bonus tracks. Links below.

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