Feb 032023

It’s time for a rude ‘n’ crude celebration of filth, fury, and fun! Plus sickness, sleaze, and slaughter!

We stole some of those words, but we endorse them because they well-suit the music on Demonic Assassination, the hell-raising second album by the infernal Italian deviants in Hellcrash which is racing toward a lavish March 24 release by Dying Victims Productions.

Those who’ve indulged in the band’s first album Krvcifix Invertör know that they followed in the cloven-hooved footsteps of such groups as Bulldozer, Slayer, and Venom, whipping up a gnashing and pulse-pounding convulsion of blackened thrash and speed metal. Those ingredients still make the fuel for the new album, but with even more variety and an even tighter execution in the sound. As proof, we’re premiering a song from the album named “Graveripper“.

We do not endorse decapitation!

On “GraveripperHellcrash waste almost no time revving up their audio engine to fireball speed, surging into a ripping torrent of rapidly writhing and deliriously exultant riffing, propelled by piston-pumping drums, augmented by rabid vocal madness, and segmented by bursts of skull-smashing groove and double-bass automatic weaponry.

Madness and mayhem reign in this superheated assault, but the band also execute sharp shifts in the riffing and throw in some tumbling drum booms, as well as sheer soloing delirium. It’s wild, hellish music made for wild, hellish moods, and a sure-fire kickstarter for dozing adrenal glands. See for yourselves:



Dying Victims will release the album on special-edition vinyl, regular vinyl, CD, cassette tape, and digital formats, and you can check out all the options via the links below. We’re also including a stream of the previously released track “Okkvlthammer“.

The album comes recommended for fans not only of the influential bands mentioned above but also later GBH, Carnivore, Warfare, Crumbsuckers, and Children of Technology.



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