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The Angolan heavy metal band Kishi first came together in October 2017 and eventually released a pair of singles and a 2018 debut album named Depois da Meia Noite, as well as performing live in Angola, Namibia, and Botswana. And then, of course, the pandemic struck in 2020 and forced the band into a hiatus.

Yet, as happened with many other bands around the world, the songwriting didn’t stop, and in fact took inspiration from the disruptive and disturbing impact of covid’s spread. The result was a new Kishi EP fittingly entitled KHAOS, which is set for release on February 17th by the South African label Mongrel Records and the Portuguese label Nightfear Productions. As the band have explained:

“The Khaos EP reflects the band’s experience and feelings in the face of the social chaos in which the world plunged during and after the pandemic. It talks about wars and personal struggles against demons, without leaving aside Angolan mythology in the theme “’69 Feiticeiros e 14 Fruxas’”.

Speaking of personal demons, what we have for you today is an excellent video for a head-hooking bruiser of a song from the EP called “Dead Lost Rumbled“, which was inspired by vocalist ManKav‘s experience with sleep paralysis.

Fleshing out the song’s subject matter, ManKav explains:

“‘Dead Lost Rumbled‘ is inspired by episodes of sleep paralysis that I’ve been experiencing for a few years, At first it haunted me every night, I was afraid to sleep, I felt paralyzed, I had a lot of difficulty breathing, I couldn’t speak, I had blurred vision, as if I was trapped inside my own body, and it all ended after hearing some kind of rumble, this experience is metal as fuck, so I told my bandmates what I’ve been experiencing and we started writing the song.”

Dead Lost Rumbled” reflects the main ingredients of Kishi‘s music — stoner doom, sludge, and death ‘n’ roll — and it’s a heavy, hard-hitting, and highly headbangable trip.

The fuzz-bombed riffing brays and jolts, channeling menace and marauding intent, as well as the tension of growing fear. The drums slug and batter. ManKav‘s vocals are as gritty as sandpaper and barbarically savage, and through manic screams and a deep roar they seem to channel a swelling psychosis while pronouncing the song’s title. Speaking of which, it’s damned tempting to howl “DEAD… LOST… RUMBLED!” right along with him.

As the song evolves, it also becomes increasingly grim and sinister; there, the vocals morph into wretched wails. And on the other hand, the song also becomes faster and more frantic, slugging and rumbling faster and harder.



We add this postscript from the band: “As alone as you are, master your fears. As author Marilyn Ferguson says ‘on the other side of fear there is freedom.’”

Vocals – ManKav
Guitar – Bruno Braz
Bass – Hugo Domingos

KHAOS was produced by Hugo Domingos and Bruno Braz, and it was mastered by the masterful Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. It will be digitally released by Mongrel Records and on CD by Nightfear. It comes recommended for fans of Entombed, Cathedral, Orange Goblin, High on Fire, Doomriders, and Melvins. “Dead Lost Rumbled” is also available as a stand-alone single.





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