Mar 142023

We’re going to “cut to the chase” on the video we’re premiering today, and then tell you who’s behind what will happen to you when you press “play”.

The experience doesn’t last long — just a bit more than two minutes — but long enough to feel like your bones have been bruised or broken and your mind mauled by a collision of bleakness and rage. It’s just two men doing this work, a drummer who assaults the kit like it needs killing and a guitarist/vocalist who both adds to the physical trauma and sears the senses with the screams of his instruments (including the larynx).

photo by Elide Blind

Make My Day” is a full-force bludgeoner, with both percussive and guitar blows that slug and stagger, interspersed with bursts of shrill, mutilating fretwork (which sometimes sounds like a head-hooking siren going off), ear-lacerating feedback, and screams of unchained intensity. The music thunders and moves like a giant excavating machine, and convulses in spasms of madness. It’s capable of putting you in a full-body lurch, even as it takes straight-razors to your brain.

To add to the riveting impact of the music, the video effects make the furious spectacle of the performers just as gripping to watch (credit for the making of the video goes to by Elide Blind). Two-person bands playing live can be even more fun to watch than a more fleshed-out group, especially when they’re as capable of stirring up a storm as these two.

The two performers here are Michele Malaguti (guitar & screams) and Alberto Balboni (drums) from Bologna, Italy. They’ve been making noise and taking stages hostage under the name Nadsat since 2015, after both being involved in other projects. They recorded one EP (Terminus) and two albums (Crudo and Feral), and one might attempt to sum up those instrumental records as “on the noise/jazz-core path”. But that was before the pandemic.

The manifold frustrations of pandemic times spawned Nadsat‘s new album Torn Times, which adds startling vocals and takes a turn in a much noisier, more abrasive, and more viscerally instinctive stripped-down direction – as you can quickly tell from “Make My Day“.

It will be released on April 7th by the new sub-label Extreme Gestalt of Overdrive Records, the first release of that sub-label, which is “dedicated to the heaviest and noisiest sounds”.

photo by Elide Blind

Torn Times was recorded by Diego Castioni and Michele Malaguti and it was mixed by Michele Malaguti and mastered by Claudio Adamo – Fonoprint. The artwork was created by Michele Malaguti. It will be released on LP vinyl and digital formats. To get more info about the release, follow the locations linked below.



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