Mar 142023

Two years ago Transcending Obscurity Records released the humorously named Sharing Is Caring, the fifth album by the Czech brutal death metal band Cutterred Flesh. We got the opportunity to premiere a very interesting video for the absolutely bludgeoning and eviscerating song “Good Boy” (again proving that these dudes have a twisted sense of humor). That song alone, and the album even more so, demonstrated the band’s capacity for inflicting bombastic, mind-mauling, and terrifically brutalizing punishment, while also throwing in unexpected changes that keep listeners perched on their toes.

Now Cutterred Flesh are returning with new music via the same Transcending Obscurity label, and once again we have the chance to reveal a new song and a lyric video from a forthcoming release. This one is named “Symptoms of Parasite“. As usual, we want to give you a little preview of what’s about to happen to you. But where to start? The bamboozling animated video or the bamboozling brutality of the music?

Well, let’s start with what you’ll hear. Once again, Cutterred Flesh don’t play it straight and simple. Sure, they are quite skilled at inflicting ruinous death metal barbarity, amply armed with bullet-spitting snare-work, thunderous double-kicks and high-powered bass munitions, bludgeoning and disemboweling riffs, rabid roars, and insane screams. But honestly, it’s what else they do in the song that makes it stand out from the unwashed packs of brutal death bands.

Among other things, they rapidly morph from jackhammer grooves to insectile fretwork convulsions, from eerie clawing and clanging tones to shrill, mind-searing mania, from cold methodical butchery to weird wailing melodies, spectral reverberating tones, and machine-like pile-driving, resembling a big industrial die-stamp in action.

None of this sounds remotely human (other than the crazed vocals, though even there humanity seems to have fled the premises), and instead is another vivid display of the band’s technical proficiency and mad-scientist approach to songwriting.

And then there’s the video… but hell, we’ll just let you see that without linguistically spoiling the experience:



This isn’t the only new Cutterred Flesh song that has surfaced. There’s also one named “Amanda” that appeared on Transcending Obscurity‘s 2023 label sampler. Perhaps needless to say at this point, it’s a head-spinning riot, maybe even more violently unhinged and technically eye-popping than the one you just heard, but with its own cornucopia of surprises, including a variety of chilling and bleak melodic accents.



Jiri Krs – Vocals
Vitali Novak – Guitar
David Krombholz – Guitar
Tomas Ertel – Bass
Frantisek Drazdansky – Drums

The new music was recorded in Kohlekeller Studio by Kristian Kohle and Kai Stahlenberg (drums were recorded by Tobias Schmeisser). The main story in “The Symptoms of Parasite” is drawn from the sci-fi novel “Legie” from Frantisek Kotleta and Krystína Snegonova, and the wild video was created by All4band Design.

For more news about the new Cutterred Flesh release as it breaks, keep an eye on these locations:

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