Nov 022021


The video we’re about to present shows us… how shall we say it?… an interesting household. A seemingly innocent little boy and his pet rabbit. An abusive mother who doesn’t realize where her rages are going to lead. And in the living room, a bunch of death metal barbarians turning the humble surroundings into a psychotic war zone.

Oh yes, it’s an interesting video, with blood spatter in its future. And it makes an attention-riveting companion to the absolutely bludgeoning and eviscerating song “Good Boy” that it presents — a bombastic, mind-mauling, and terrifically brutalizing track by the Czech death metal band Cutterred Flesh.

Adorned by the macabre cover art of Par Olofsson, which itself features a couple of “good boys”, the album that includes this track will be released by Transcending Obscurity Records on December 3rd. Continue reading »