Apr 182023

The prolific Swiss multi-instrumental musician and vocalist Bornyhake is an artist of many musical guises, with a resume that includes nearly three-dozen bands and personal projects, both within an expansive sphere of metal and outside the boundaries altogether. Among them, the solo project Enoid is one to which he has repeatedly returned, with eight albums being released since 2006 and a ninth one now on the way.

That ninth full-length, Ô Nuit, emporte-moi !, is now scheduled to see the light of day on April 23rd via Satanath Records (Georgia) and Australis Records (Chile). In a nutshell, it confirms that Enoid is the vehicle to which Bornyhake returns when in the mood for crushing, hate-fueled black metal ferocity. and the dominance of death It is the burning ground where its creator locks arms with revolutionary forebears from the ’90s.

And lest there be any doubt about that, we have for you today the premiere of a song from the new album named “Mes étranges pensées tissent leur solitude“.

The song does give you a brief moment of contemplation through eerie chiming tones, because the supernatural will always find a home in black metal, but then fires blaze in a phalanx of riffing that seems to channel dire and distressing moods. There’s something about those mind-broiling sounds that’s very unsettling — not just deranged, but truly warped — and the fury in the vocals is itself savagely unhinged.

The sudden shifts in drumming exacerbate the destabilizing impact of the twisted wails and screaming lunacy of the guitars. Even when the drums stalk and the bass performs a kind of lurching march, the music radiates venom.

But the music also becomes increasingly sweeping, spectral, and shorn of hope, as if a host of stricken wraiths had been loosed upon the world, spreading a message of desolation and death. It’s a very good example of why the temperature of black metal is sometimes called “freezing”.

Ô Nuit, emporte-moi ! will be released by Satanath and Australis on jewel-box CD and digital formats, and it features cover art by Strange Metal Art and layout by Jane Orpheus. It comes recommended for fans of Gehenna, Shining, Mayhem, Tsjuder, Setherial, Wigrid, and Urgehal.

If you’d like another taste of the album, we’re also including a stream of the album’s previously released opening track, “Des océans de sang, de cendres et de larmes“.



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