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We’ve been eagerly following the progress of the Seattle-based melodic death metal band Whythre ever since discovering (and then writing about) their 2018 single “Savage“, which followed up their 2015 debut album Hel’s Hollows. The next year we reviewed and premiered their explosive new EP Stillborn World here, which we introduced with these words (among many others):

“If your ass has been dragging, beaten down and disgusted by the daily grind, strapped for sleep, short on cash, and your reservoirs of hope running low as well, we’ve got a sure-fire antidote for most of those ails…. On top of recharging the energy in your depleted batteries, the songs on this EP also turn out to be damned addictive. It’s very easy, at the end, to just go back to the beginning and ride this lightning again… and again.”

And now we happily continue to follow the progress of Whythre, because they’ve got a new album on the way named Impregnate My Hate, and today we get to do another premiere — a lyric video for a track from the new album named “Scorpions of Sinai“.

Photo by Carolina Chambers

Whythre have had some lineup changes along the way from their first release to this new one. They now consist of Shon Petrey (Guitars, Synths), Adam Chambers (Vocals, Guitars, Synths), Eric Close (Bass), and Steve Fournier (Drums). But despite the changes, they’re still firing on all cylinders — as you’re about to find out, because this cut is the fastest song on the record. Here’s the band’s own insight about it:

“Go read the first short story in Roald Dahl’s ‘Switch Bitch’ and then read the lyrics to ‘Scorpions‘. We can’t say much more without spoiling that experience. It’s a quick read, just go do it. This is our fastest song by far and always leaves Steve sweatin’! There’s a lot of underlying repetition in this song, which was a first for us, honestly the track is heavily inspired by underground techno vibes.”

If you don’t happen to have a copy of Switch Bitch close to hand, you can find a synopsis of its opening story “The Visitorhere. Let’s just say that the protagonist, noted seducer extraordinaire Uncle Oswald, gets a rude surprise.

As for this new song itself, it is indeed a speed demon. Driven hard by piston-pumping drums and hurtling bass lines, it includes fretwork that pulsates and darts even more maniacally and screams of unchained derangement. But it doesn’t take long for synths to soar and sweep, creating an overlay of supernatural fear.

There are elements of magical seduction in the song as well, thanks to the spice of frantically swirling melodies, but the music also inflicts a bone-hammering beating, and the riffs will give a headbanger plenty of opportunities to get neck trauma.

The album as a whole is a hell of a twisting and turning trip, which might appeal especially to fans of Hypocrisy and Children of Bodom. You’ll get another taste of the album in its first single, “Scorchbreath“, which which features backing vocals by Gabe Tachell (Whythre‘s first vocalist) and Carolina Chambers, and it also arrived with an excellent video.

It’s not quite as crazed as “Scorpions…” (though it comes awfully close), but it will damned sure get your motor running fast and hot, and its chorus soars even higher. It also includes a white-hot guitar solo, bursts of machine-gun jolts, and of course lead vocals that are capable of pealing paint from the walls:

Impregnate My Hate is being released on May 26th via High Point Records and it’s available for pre-order now.

The album was mixed by Shon Petrey, mastered by Levi Seitz (Black Belt Recordings), and features attention-seizing cover art by Andrzej Masianis.



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