May 242023

(In the article below Todd Manning introduces our premiere of a song from a new album by the band Krigsgrav, which will be released next month through Wise Blood Records.)

We may be entering the summer here in the States, but there’s a bitter chill in the air thanks to the latest from Texas-based black metal outfit Krigsgrav. Fires in the Fall, available June 23rd courtesy of the excellent Wise Blood Records, picks up where 2021’s The Sundering left off as Krigsgrav continue to perfect their particular brand of melodic black metal.

An Everflowing Vessel” kicks off with a masterful melody, possessing an epic grandeur, but it is also unquestionably heavy when paired with the drums. The main vocal line, once introduced, is scathing, but soon clean vocals arrive in the background to reinforce the song’s scale. At first glance, the sound sits somewhere between Dissection and Wolfheart, but ultimately it is difficult to pigeonhole Krigsgrav.

Fires in the Fall moves from strength to strength. “Black Oak” overflows with a stoic emotion. The main riff is heavy but also possesses a meditative quality and the punctuation of melodic guitar lines only deepens the atmosphere.“In Seas of Perdition” is more direct in its aggression, featuring one of the album’s few blast beats; Krigsgrav prove they can be every bit as violent as their peers.

“When I’m Gone, Let the Wolves Come” almost has a ballad-like feel with its grand sweep and Katatonia-ish interludes. Yet this is betrayed by its own vicious blast beat. By contrast, “Journeyman” feels much more bombastic. It is a fist-pumping anthem, yet full of dynamic tempo shifts and acoustic moments.

The record closes with “Alone with the Setting Sun”. The acoustic guitar and mellow electric lead, Maiden-esque in execution, reflects the melancholy of the song title perfectly. The verse that arrives though sounds more like a complex take on melodic death metal. When a blast beat does arrive, Dissection is once again invoked.

Krigsgrav damn near perfect this particular brand of black metal. They strike a balance in their reverence for nature and their hatred of humanity. Today we are thrilled to bring you the premiere of “An Everflowing Vessel”, the song that kicks off the exquisite audio journey that is Fires In the Fall.

The band says about the song: “This song deals with the idea that as a species we feel the need to exploit and destroy our natural environment while giving no regard to what that will do for the future. It’s the idea of continued insanity of destruction and thinking it will get better on its own. It won’t.”

Wise Blood Records will release the album on Vinyl, CD, and Cassette Tape formats, featuring stunning artwork by Cameron Hinojosa. It’s recommended for fans of Agalloch, Woods of Ypres, and Wolves in the Throne Room. Below we’re also including a stream of the previously released single “In Seas of Perdition“.




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