May 312023

Early last year we had the privilege (and pleasure) of premiering a single named “Lorn“, which was the debut release of the Ukrainian black metal band Silvern, and the first sign of their first album to come. The song was laden with sharp hooks, and Silvern propelled it with a visceral punch. It created an electrifying yet distressing experience. The song also had intriguing lyrical themes, and (for reasons you’ll soon learn) we’ll repeat part of what Silvern had to say about them:

The lyrics describe the controversial figure of a human as a biological species, which constantly creates a problem for itself and everything around. The possibilities of consciousness are endless, you need to develop yourself and live in harmony with the Universe, but instead, a human invents religions, kills, harms the environment, thinking that he is the crown of God’s creation. Everything is much more complicated. Sometimes you need to look a bit higher than the Saviour’s star.

That last line provides the connection to yet the second Silvern single, which we’re premiering today — “Still Higher Than Saviour’s Star“.

Regarding this new one, Silvern tell us: “The track itself is about frames, stereotypes, patterns that people are trying to impose using different tools. Religion is one of them. You should always try to look wider and higher. There is also something beyond. For every action there is a reaction.”

Once again Silvern have crafted a song that’s both emotionally wrenching and viscerally propulsive. Its dissonant opening strains seem to wail slowly in anguish, piercing the mind with their reverberations like knives gradually carving through souls above hammering drums. In growls choked with emotion the vocals themselves add to the music’s feeling of despair, which intensifies as the guitars feverishly dart and the drums erupt in a blasting fury.

The dissonant ring of the guitars continues to burrow in, coming in warping waves that drench the senses with their pain, and the vocals elevate into even more harrowing displays of distraught passion. The band also morph the music into a sequence that defiantly blares and jolts, and then wretchedly claw their way forward again toward the end over earth-moving grooves.



Still Higher Than Saviour’s Star” will be digitally released tomorrow — June 1st — and you can order it now via the link below for a modest sum. The band’s debut album will be released later this year, and to keep abreast of the news about that you can follow Silvern on social media.



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