Jun 122023

The last time we visited the works of the Los Angeles band Our Dying World a year ago, the occasion was our premiere of a video for the song “Veil of the Reaper“ off their then-forthcoming second album Hymns Of Blinding Darkness. We introduced it with these words:

We’ll make you a solemn promise: Whatever condition you happen to be in now (unless you’re in a coma), the song and video we’re about to present will make you feel orders of magnitude more alive, accelerating your heart-rate, igniting your fast-twitch muscles, and spinning your head like a glorious top. And for those of you who want your music to attack like a pack of rabid dogs, it fills that need, too.

Today we get a chance to revisit the band’s work through our premiere of a new single named “The Egregious Sins Of Humanity” — and it’s another ravishing spectacle.

Photo by Jamie Kaufman Photography

The new song reinforces the evolution of the band’s music, which became vividly apparent in that 2022 album, a change that began melding dark melodic death metal with symphonic black metal. Through this newest offering they are “looking to give the audience a bridge between the fast and insane side of metal, to the clever and meticulously crafted end of the classical and orchestral spectrum.” The band further comments:

“We’re taking what so many icons have given us through the generations and we’re doing our best to blend them in a tasteful and fun way that inspires and creates that feeling that raises the hair on your arms. We think the fans are going to enjoy the change in sound. We’ve always strived to take our sound to the next level and with the amount of diversity between the full band versions of the single and the orchestral version, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy.”

The new song is an explosive experience, one that combines jolting and hammering percussive grooves, bursts of jabbing and darting riffage, and high-flying symphonic extravagance that becomes increasingly feverish and fiery, all of it fronted by a tandem of beastly growls and strangled screams. The union of these forces gets the blood pumping and the head spinning — which makes the sudden shift into slowly shimmering orchestral strings and sprightly pinging tones even more surprising.

But that diversion is soon overpowered by the return of the music in full strength, though this time the mood is considerably more ominous, daunting, and jolting in its mid-paced momentum. The sounds are sinister and perilous, though the vocals are still viciously rabid. Even as the music swells in haughty and harrowing grandeur, the fire of madness still burns, thanks to a rapidly flickering extended guitar solo that soars and swoops.

There’s one more sudden diversion at the end that re-creates an aura of sinister mystery, a final chill before silence falls.

As revealed in the band’s comment quoted above, they will also be releasing an orchestral version of “The Egregious Sins of Humanity” (created by by Graham Southern).

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Nasla; the drums were recorded with Alex Nasla and Dave Valez. The single’s terrifying cover art is the work of Paul Allender. For more info, check the links below.




  1. Very talented young men, doing what they love doing.

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