Dec 092023

Happy Saturday, or whatever other day you’re in when you come across this collection of new music.

I’m taking a lazy way out here — mainly just spewing a bunch of new metal songs and videos at you without much, or any, of the usual commentary. It’s actually not because I’m feeling lazy, it’s because I’m getting crushed by my fucking day job. Sadly (very sadly for me), it’s going to get worse as we approach the end of the year, and even worser in January.

I’ve never given any details about my job, but it’s not 9-5. Some days it might be Noon-3, but other days it might be 5 (a.m.) to midnight, and I have no control over the schedule. Mostly it leaves me plenty of time for NCS. Now, and increasingly until mid-January, it’s going to choke me.

At some point soon I’ll explain what that’s likely to do to some portions of our annual LISTMANIA extravaganza and the usual schedule of daily premieres, but not now. Now I only have time enough to start the spewing of this new stuff I’ve enjoyed, presented in alphabetical order by band name.


A/ORATOS (France)

Some delirious and hallucinatory gnostic black metal from France to start things off.

The song: Daath
The album: Ecclesia Gnostica
The label: Les Acteurs de l’Ombre
The release date: January 19th




Now for gloom-shrouded melodic death metal from the cold north, punishing and miserable.

The song: Alone I Die
The album: Darkest Times
The label: Inverse Records
The release date: March 8




Next, some death metal that’s gross and crazed, turbocharged and pneumatic.

The song: Wormridden Piety
The album: Ripping Remains
The label: Satanik Royalty
The release date: January 23




Time to get your head swiftly spun up and savaged. Glorious video too.

The song: Life
The album: Legend
The label: Season of Mist
The release date: January 26




A psychedelic noir homage to the Miles Davis Quintet. Get lost. There’s no map back.

The song: Nefertiti
The album: Covers Collection (EP)
The label: Century Media
The release date: November 29




Dreamlike, wandering black metal, turning pain into gold, enthralling but with a voice that cuts like knives.

The song: Wanderer
The album: It’s just a single
The label: Sacred Bones Records
The release date: November 29



KETTER (Belgium)

A pulse-pounding mash-up of glitchy and rhythmic stun-gun electronics, abrading and jolting riffage, extravagant singing, vicious snarling, and gruesome gutturals.

The song: Azatoth
The album: it’s just a single
The label: none
The release date: December 1




Back to black metal we go, storming and psychedelic, a startling Pandora’s box of strange seductions, dangerous perils, and violent assaults. Like the music, the video is fascinating and bewildering too.

The song: Sulphurean Synods
The album: Of Grace and Gravity
The label: Season of Mist
The release date: March 8




Time to kick your adrenaline into overdrive again with some assaulting black metal delirium that also takes a detour into haunted realms, where the solo wails like a wraith.

The song: Stormcrow
The album: In the Twilight Grey
The label: Century Media
The release date: March 15




Just like the song title says — voracious death metal mayhem comes next. Enjoy the highly infectious feeding frenzy.

The song: Relentless Appetite
The album: Fragments of the Ageless
The label: Century Media
The release date: March 8




Up next is metallic madness that swirls the mind, flenses the flesh, and freezes the blood. As the drummer/vocalist says about the album as a whole, “An immersive, morbid atmosphere of funereality longs for the liberation of death and mourns the agony of life. Coupled with moments of frenetic madness, grandeur, terror and ecstasy….”

The song: Red Feasts Condensed into One
The album: Sparagmos
The label: Dark Descent Records
The release date: February 9




And to close, music used as lethal weaponry by psychotically berserk combatants, shrouded in an atmosphere of the unearthly. No prisoners will be taken.

The song: Weaponized Loss
The album: Suffer & Become
The label: Century Media
The release date: January 26


  1. A pretty damn great collection of tracks, this week was pretty crazy for new releases. That Imperial Triumphant cover is actually part of a series of cover tracks they released over the year, which has been collected in a new EP:

    Also I’m stoked for the new Spectral Voice, Necrophobic, Skeletal Remains and Vitriol albums. It’s insane that we could be getting new Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation and Black Curse albums next year, considering those bands all share members.

  2. oh hell yes, new Skeletal Remains sounds ferocious.
    Do they have a new drummer? I don’t recognize that guy.
    I will get my ears open for Beyond the Hate.

    • In our promo materials Pierce Williams is credited as the drummer, so yes, he’s new since the last album (when Charlie Koryn was the session drummer). They’ve got a new bassist too — Brian Rush.

      • To put it simply, they basically hired the rhythm section of Ænigmatum. Which, considering how good that band’s last album Deconsecrate was/is, is a smart move.

  3. Likely took extra time to last out the song, album, label, etc. as well as the YouTube links, but I appreciate it!

    • Thanks for that. It does take some extra time, but I figure that’s even more important than my own words — a chance to listen and a way to follow up if people like what they hear.

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