Feb 192014

(Guest writer Alain Mower returns to NCS with this review of the new album from Abducted By Sharks.)

Siege Engine, the third full-length release by Seattle-based Abducted By Sharks in as many years, is about as difficult to define as it is to find the droids you are looking for. With cited influences ranging wide and far, from Front Line Assembly to Porcupine Tree to Horse the Band to Mindless Self Indulgence, it’s easy to see how this eclectic culmination of Dance-infused Industrial synthesizer soundscapes tinged with Heavy Metal might be a little out there.

A high-tempo and energizing listen from cover to cover, this unsigned, DIY outfit manages to avoid many of the common mistakes this style of music is known for, with one of their best traits being that they let melodies and songs breathe and don’t over-layer or cluster the sound to the point of detracting from the structure the track is built upon. Continue reading »