Oct 012021


Today it is our pleasure to present a striking video for a powerful song off the forthcoming debut album by the band Adliga from Minsk, Belarus. The album, Vobrazy (set for release on November 5th), features six songs with lyrics in the Belarusian language, some based on Belarusian folklore, and in their music the band interweave elements of doom and post-metal with vocals that exhibit great variety and range.

The song featured in the video we’re premiering is “Žyvy” (Alive). Its lyrics narrate a horrible dream, in which all life has been extinguished, the earth laid waste in blood and fire, and the observer struggles to make sense of how to exist. The narrative, which includes ruminations about destiny, ends with these words, translated from the Belarusian:

Here you are alone, and your life is at stake.
Death’s call has sounded,
This round you’ve almost lost

And clenching my teeth,
And pulse beats in temple,
Only one thought – I’m alive!
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