May 052020


Last November the Montreal black metal duo Anges de la Mort (ADLM) made an electrifying debut with a self-titled EP, presenting four tracks packed with visceral rhythmic hooks, virally infectious riffs, scalding vocal savagery, and a flare for dynamic changes. The band rocked, thrashed, seethed, and ripped their way through 18 gloriously wild, action-packed minutes guaranteed to connect with a listener’s reptile brain but equally capable of sending the kind of chills down the spine that come from the apprehension of danger.

The EP benefited from clarity of production (and mastering by Joel Grind), but stood out most of all because of the animal magnetism of ADLM‘s top-shelf song-craft, the pin-point execution, and the sulfurous ferocity of the vocals.

It was clear that this band had the goods, and now we’re in the fortunate position of providing proof that lightning can indeed strike twice in the same place, and that proof is a new ADLM single named Where Spirits No More Shine, which we’re premiering in advance of its release on May 7th. It includes the title song plus the fascinating contrast created by an accompanying acoustic B-side track named “Where Night Shadows Shall Speak“. Continue reading »