Jan 302018


Cadabra Records presents itself as a vinyl-only record label that “specializes in the Spoken Arts, scored with ambient, nightmarish sound” and catering “exclusively to the horror/ weird genre”. The label has already released a rich array of terrifying performances, and their most recent one is an especially fine example of the label’s zealous dedication to their vision.

The new release is a presentation of M. R. James’ Casting the Runes, a  full-cast audio play produced by Bleak December, adapted from James‘ 1911 short story by Anthony D. P. Mann, and featuring acclaimed actor David Warner, known for his roles in The Omen, Titanic, Tron, Star Trek, and many more films. The album also features striking commissioned cover art by an artist well-known to our readers (and many other metal lovers), Adam Burke.

And today we present the premiere of an excerpt from the recording. Continue reading »