Sep 112018


The Italian doom/death band Apneica first took shape on the island of Sardinia in 2007 as the solo project of guitarist Alessandro Seghene. As the years passed Apneica grew into a full band and released two albums and an EP. After multiple changes in the line-up, Apneica’s formation now includes bassist Francesco Pintore, drummer Giuseppe Fancellu, vocalist Ignazio Simula, and guitarist Alice Doro, in addition to founder Alessandro Seghene. They’ve recorded a new album named Tra Rocce e Cortecce, which also includes the participation of female vocalist Piera Demurtas and folk artist Andrea Pisu, who performs the launeddas, a Sardinian cane flute.

Tra Rocce e Cortecce will be released on October 19th by the Russian label GS Productions, and we’re very happy to bring you its first single today, a stunning track named “Astratta Solitudine“. Continue reading »