Nov 212016



Six days ago we wrote about a recently released video for a song called “Revolver” from a new album by the UK band Arcade Messiah. A few days later Arcade Messiah released a massive second track (“Deliverance”) through the alternative music site Arctic Drones. And now we have the pleasure of announcing the premiere of a third song: “Life Clock“. Like “Revolver”, it comes with an engrossing video made by darwinfish105.

The album that includes these three songs (and three others) is the third Arcade Messiah full-length, and it will be released through Bandcamp on November 25. Arcade Messiah is the solo project of UK musician John Bassett, who is also the singer, songwriter, and producer of UK progressive metal band KingBathMat.

Attempting to capture the music on the new album in genre terms is difficult, but one could say that it combines progressive metal with post-rock, sludge, doom, and stoner rock. It’s a fascinating interweaving of sounds and styles that should appeal to fans of bands ranging from Cloudkicker to Mastodon to Russian Circles, and beyond. Continue reading »

Nov 152016



We’re entering the time of year when year-end lists will quickly start popping up, and that means our own annual LISTMANIA frenzy will soon begin. As usual, the earliest of the forthcoming lists (those that will soon appear in print zines), will necessarily neglect albums that are set for release between now and January 1, and even some that were released in the first half of November. We will continue trying to spotlight those, despite succumbing to listmania.

The impending LISTMANIA orgy also means that our own output of reviews and new-music features will likely diminish. In what’s left of our period of normalcy, I have plans to throw as much new quality music your way as I can, including two features today, beginning here. The organizing principle of this collection is simply this: Diversity.


To begin today’s round-up I’m stepping off our typical beaten paths of blood-lusting savagery with music from a band I’ve only discovered recently — Tumbleweed Dealer from Montréal. Their third album, Tokes, Hatred & Caffeine, the cover of which is visible above, will be released on November 21, 2016. Continue reading »