Oct 142015



As regular readers of our site know all too well, I get enthusiastic about new music on a near-daily basis, so verdant and varied is creativity in the world of metal. Rarely, there are days when I hear something so wild that I can’t even imagine how it was conceived, much less executed. Today is one of those days.

What you are about to hear is a song called “Camouflage” by a German duo named Atrorum. A person with good sense would stop now and simply invite you to press Play. Not being such a person, and feeling a compulsion to sing its praises despite also feeling completely inadequate to do so, I will continue. Continue reading »

Oct 022015



In this post I’ve collected some songs I discovered recently that don’t fit our usual mold around here. As most people know by now, we no longer adhere strictly to the rule expressed in the site’s name — though I’m more faithful than some of our other writers. But the songs in this post are exceptions in more ways than simply the use of clean vocals; some of them aren’t even metal. But despite these departures from what I usually enjoy, all the songs have wormed their way into my head, and I thought you might enjoy them, too.

By the way, I spend very little time exploring music outside the boundaries of extreme metal, so these choices are hardly the result of some comprehensive survey. I came across all of them quite by accident.


Untold are based in Bern, Switzerland. Their most recent album (their fourth full-length) is named Towering and it was released in January of this year. The song that’s gotten its hooks in me is a track called “Voice Within”. Continue reading »