Jul 212015

Aye-Aye - 1


(We have Comrade Aleks to thank for yet another interesting interview, this time with the vocalist/bassist for Scotland’s Aye-aye.)

Cool name, cool art-work, and a bunch of cool songs – what else do you need? Aye-aye are a band from Glasgow, Scotland. I like Scotland, I like animals, I like good doom, so that’s another exciting prize with which I was rewarded after another session of researches in Metal-Archives.

How many bands do you know who have the same name as a weird-looking lemur from Madagaskar?! I bet that this one is first of this kind for most of us! Prepare to get your foot tapping or your head nodding, Iain “Spawn” (vocals, bass) is here right after his nightshift. Continue reading »