May 182022


(Last month Memento Mori released the superb third album by Inanna, their first one in 10 years. We helped spread the word through this premiere, and the occasion also prompted Comrade Aleks to get in touch with the band. Today we present that great conversation below.)

There are bands which grant not only the twisted pleasure of listening to their (extreme) music but also with a simple communication, and the Chilean outfit Inanna gave me both. Their new album Void of Unending Depths was released by Memento Mori in late April, and I’m excited with their wicked, a bit blackened, and progressive, death metal rituals.

Why rituals? Well, because the band’s lyrics deal with things extra-terrestrial, occult, and divine. There’s a sense of Lovecraftian madness here, do you feel it? And besides that, the guys are absolutely easy and interesting interlocutors, so let’s not waste our time with just my mumbling, and let’s get straight to the point. Continue reading »

May 132022

(With a new album and a new split under their belts for 2022 so far, Druid Lord have made a strong start for the year, and the time was right for Comrade Aleks to reach out to Druid Lord guitarist Pete Slate for a new conversation — and you’ll find the results below.)

I love Druid Lord, and I bet that you love them. Their debut album Hymns for the Wicked (2010), which represented wicked death-doom metal, offered a few absolutely thrilling tracks and a sweet old-school attitude which was propelled ahead through a series of splits and EPs until the sophomore full-length Grotesque Offerings (2018) appeared.

Druid Lord introduced me to a few old horror movies that I didn’t know, as well as their death-doom colleagues Wooden Stake, another great band with a similar concept behind it. I couldn’t skip their new album Relics of the Dead, released by Hells Headbangers Records earlier in 2022, and now – in addition – Me Saco Un Ojo Records has announced Druid Lord’s split with Anatomia which is scheduled for release on May 15th. Another good reason to get in touch with mister Pete Slate (guitars), who’s always ready to talk about “doom/death metal with horror themes and overtones”. Continue reading »

May 112022

(Temple of Mystery Records will soon release a new album by the Quebec heavy/doom metal band Cauchemar, and that prompted Comrade Aleks to get in touch with vocalist Annick Giroux. We present that discussion now.)

True followers of Doom Cult know Canadian Cauchemar well, and we have good news for them as Temple of Mystery Records are going to release the band’s third album on May 16th. They bear the torch of original heavy metal doom since 2007 and have never failed, providing the best they can.

A die-hard and honest approach, French lyrics, the charismatic vocals of Annick Giroux and melodic guitars of François Patry, accompanied by the rhythm section performed by Andres Arango (bass) and Joel Ladouceur (drums) – all these components make Rosa Mystica an unforgettable experience. There’s some time left before this celebration for old-school metalheads, and we have a conversation with Annick regarding this new release. Continue reading »

May 102022

(In this new interview Comrade Aleks conversed with Simon Iff?, a fixture in The Lamp of Thoth and frontman of the UK heavy doom band Arkham Witch, who have lots of new things going on.)

Being born from The Lamp of Thoth secret lodge this band seemed to be just a funny side-project which soon eclipsed The Lamp itself. Arkham Witch balanced between heavy metal and doom in recording their debut On Crom’s Mountain (2011) in a very natural way, but soon Witch’s savage spirit was unleashed and the following albums Legions of the Deep (2012) and I Am Providence (2015), as well as a series of short but important EPs, showed the band’s true face. If there ever was any.

Dreamers of Lovecraft’s fantasies, true metal warriors of Manowar’s metal, and old-schooled admirers of Robert Howard’s talents, as well as Doom Cult believers, already heard Arkham Witch’s true English metal EP Three Bladed Doom (2021), and I believe you also know about their forthcoming full-length Swords Against Death. The band’s spiritual leader Simon Iff? (vocals) is beyond good and evil, but he was kind enough to spend some time answering my questions. ‘Cause I love The Lamp. Continue reading »

Apr 282022


(Comrade Aleks has completed a long-gestating interview with Denis Susarev from the excellent Russian post-black metal band Ultar, who will have a new album coming in 2022, and the results of this very interesting are set forth below.)

Post-black metal band Ultar from Krasnoyarsk was re-formed from Deafknife in 2016 and soon gained a reputation as a creative band with with good taste and vision. Speaking about Ultar’s creative side, I need to mention abother outfit featuring four of Ultar’s members – it’s Grima. Both bands perform black metal in a similar vein and yet both follow their own paths. While Ultar’s last album Pantheon MMXIX saw the light of day in 2019, Grima’s fourth album Rotten Garden was released in 2021, as well as the live album The Mighty Spirit.

I had my own interest in interviewing Ultar but the process dragged on for months, and you know what happened in February. However we’ve made the decision to complete and publish the interview now right after Grima‘s return from their short tour abroad. Naturmacht Productions brought Grima’s Siberian sorrows in Tallinn. Here are the words of Denis Susarev (guitars, keyboards):

“We recently returned from Estonia, where most of Ultar played a show in Tallinn as members of the Grima project, which may have been a bit of a precedent given what’s been going on in the world over the last few months. In spite of everything, the concert went just fine, Tallinn met us with a full hall of wonderful, kind and open people who received us wonderfully. It’s nice to see that our listeners understand that art in general and music in particular can and should be perceived outside the context of any political events, no matter what people around say about it. This is extremely valuable and we are grateful to everyone who shares this.”

And here we have Denis’ answers regarding Ultar and its perspectives. Continue reading »

Apr 262022

(On May 27 Hells Headbangers will release the new third album by the Texas death metal band Church of Disgust, and in this extensive new interview Comrade Aleks talked with Church vocalist/guitarist Dustin James.)

You see the band’s name, their albums’ or song titles, and you already know what’s it all about. Church of Disgust has twelve years of savage sonic mayhem behind it – Unworldly Summoning (2014), Dread Ritual EP (2015), Veneration of Filth (2016), Consumed by Slow Putrefaction EP (2020), and now Weakest Is the Flesh (2022)… For sure you can expect distilled macabre death metal built on influences of some classic bands and inspired by horror literature and sometimes movies.

Church of Disgust’s four priests run this mass knowing not doubt or mercy, and they are Dustin James (guitars, vocals), Joshua Bokemeyer (guitars), Travis Andrews (bass), and Dwane Allen (drums). And today is the day when we’ll learn more about the good old death metal ways of Texas. Continue reading »

Apr 222022


(On May 14th Floga Records will release the second album of the Greek black metal band Synteleia, and in anticipation of that Comrade Aleks got in touch with the band’s vocalist and lyricist Nyctelios, and we present their conversation today.)

According to the official press release, Synteleia’s new album The Secret Last Syllable is the natural successor to their debut album Ending of the Unknown Path. You maybe heard it back in 2019 – an honest example of mysterious Hellenic black metal. Now the band return with “nine mystical songs thematically based on the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft and The Necronomicon”, and that’s enough for me. Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn, brothers and sistres! Cthulhu fhtagn!

So we have these new nine hymns in the name of macabre gods and we have their author Nyctelios (vocals, lyrics) here, to spread Synteleia’s blasphemous knowledge. Continue reading »

Apr 142022


(In this new interview Comrade Aleks re-connected with Zdeněk Nevělík from the unpredictable Czech metal band Et Moriemur, whose compelling new album was just released a few days ago by Transcending Obscurity Records.)

Seven years ago or so we sat with Et Moriemur’s frontman Zdeněk Nevělík in a pub somewhere in Prague and talked about doom and other stuff, knowing nothing about how the world would change in the next few years. I wonder if there’ll be a chance to do it again…

However, music helps to keep the connection as I found the promo pack from Transcending Obscurity with Et Moriemur’s fourth album Tamashii no Yama in my mail box about two months ago, but it took time to clear my mind and find the energy to absorb these grim and exciting vibes. The band went aside from the death-doom path to a more experimental blackened sound and – as the album’s concept demands – even further.

This material is full of nontraditional and quite fresh ideas; it looks like the band revealed a new source of creativity inside their own inner resources. So I made my best effort to find out how it happened. Continue reading »

Apr 082022


(In this new interview Comrade Aleks participated in an exchange with Jacob Nordangård, the principal creative force behind the Swedish doom band Wardenclyffe, whose new album Temple of Solomon was released this past February.)

As you may remember, Wardenclyffe Tower was an early experimental wireless transmission station designed and built by Nikola Tesla on Long Island in 1901–1902.  Such a bold endeavour! And yet it was too bold for its age.

The Swedish doom metal band Wardenclyffe doesn’t offer you something as innovative or technological as you might imagine from their name. Their doom(-death) is appealing yet absolutely traditional in some way. Though I can’t say the same about lyrics written by the band’s spiritual leader Jacob Nordangård. That’s hard to explain, and anyway we did this interview with him due the release of the band’s second album Temple of Solomon one month ago. We touched on a few contradictory themes here, and I believe everyone should do that from time to time… Continue reading »

Apr 062022


(In this new interview Comrade Aleks re-connected with Count Karnstein, frontman of the Finnish doom metal band Cardinals Folly, whose latest release is a split album that came out last month.)

I was sure that we did an interview with Cardinals Folly not that long ago, but I’ve checked and found – it was in 2015! So, in case you forgot, let me introduce them.

These blasphemous fidgets of doom from Helsinki have done their dirty black magic since 2007 (or 2004 if we take into account The Coven period) and truly succeed! Their first album Such Power Is Dangerous! (2011) and the following Our Cult Continues! (2014) were good examples of honest and traditional doom metal. There were a few hooks and a bunch of nice songs but I think that Cardinals Folly finally reached their own identity with Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom (2016).

The hard and boiling stuff of Deranged Pagan Sons (2017) was a natural development towards more savage and faster music, and Defying the Righteous Way (2020) was my album of the year if you prefer such categories. The band keep to their mark as an active and battleworthy outfit, and this time they’ve returnedd with a split-album with the American band Purification.

Count Karnstein (also known as Mikko Kääriäinen) found some time to tell us a few past and future secrets of Cardinals Folly! Continue reading »