Mar 272024

(The debut album of the Greek black metal band Corax B.M., released this past January, drew the attention of Comrade Aleks, and that led to the following friendly discussion he had with the band’s two founders.)

Corax B.M. isn’t the most original band name in the metal world, but sometimes it’s better to keep things simple and straight. As the band’s story is, for example.

Corax (guitars, vocals), Énnea (vocals), Morker (drums), and Peisithanatos (bass) started the band in Athens, 2021. Some of them had an experience of performing heavy or extreme music before, some didn’t, that wasn’t an obstacle, and the EP Spread the Occult appeared in 2022. Those four tracks already pointed the direction the band had chosen to follow, and it was performed more accurately and sharper in the Pagana full-length (2024, The Circle Music).

Corax B. M. switched from occultism to heathenism very naturally, and the band’s approach to black metal with a well-known Hellenic touch helped them to create a remarkable piece of dark art. It’s mysterious, ominous, and evil to some degree, just as Hellenic black metal should be. We discussed Pagana and the band’s current plans with Corax and Morker. Continue reading »