Sep 012016

Banisher-Oniric Delusions


On September 3rd, Deformeathing Productions will release Oniric Delusions, the third album by the Polish death metal juggernauts in Banisher, and today we’re giving you a chance to hear the entire album before its release.

For those who are only now discovering (or re-discovering) Banisher, their current line-up includes members of such bands as Decapitated, Redemptor, Darzamat, Nuclear Vomit, Shodan, and Ketha.

Until the band ease back on the throttle somewhat in the closing track, they fly like the wind on this album — if the wind were capable of changing directions at the speed of thought. And that’s not the only metaphor that springs to mind in listening to this intricate, inventive, technically eye-popping collection of savage assaults. Continue reading »