Feb 052021


We’ve mentioned before, and most of you have observed for yourselves, that the pandemic-driven proliferation of playthrough videos has been a mixed bag, even when the songs are really good. But when they hit instead of miss, they can make the experience of a good song even better, perhaps in part because they serve as (an admittedly bittersweet) reminder of the experience we used to have of live shows.

The playthrough video of the San Diego thrashers Beekeeper that we’re premiering today is unquestionably in the hit category, one of those experiences that combines a thoroughly electrifying song with seeing how a group of very skilled performers pull it off.

The name of the song is “Vegeta“, and it originally appeared on Beekeeper’s 2017 debut album Slaves To The Nothing. The occasion for the video is to draw attention to the vinyl release of that album by Metal Assault Records, which also plans to release Beekeeper’s second album later this year. Continue reading »