Jun 102014

(This is part 2 of a piece written by Austin Weber about recommended releases from up-and-coming bands. Part 1 can be found here.)


I knew as soon as I turned in my Remnants of 2013 article that I would probably find more from last year that went unmentioned or praised. Sybaritic certainly fall in that category. The last I heard, they were on hold as a group, having last recorded a 2009 album, Being Human, now quite a long time ago. Like many groups, I found them on Metal-Archives while searching for the projects of individual band members projects — in this case, through Atheist, as Sybaritic used to count Jonathan Thompson (who played on Jupiter mind you) in their ranks until 2007. Somehow, I missed that Sybaritic dropped a killer EP last year called Serenity In Darkness. Continue reading »