Nov 082021

Today we are helping to introduce the debut EP Temporal Bliss Surrealms by the Finnish death metal band Benothing, which is set for release on November 26th by Everlasting Spew Records. It is a truly eye-opening four-song collection, in part because it has an authentically savage and sinister old-school flavor, but even more so because of how unpredictably kaleidoscopic the music is.

As you’ll discover from the EP track we’re premiering today — “Absurd Malignancy Within (Sapiens Apoptosis)” — Benothing are formidable in their ability to discharge a barbaric barrage of sound with feral hostility, but aren’t content to do only that.

The music also changes rapidly, all the performers are adept at adding surprising permutations, and all the electrifying and elaborate dynamism makes the song (like the EP as a whole) really stand out. As the EP title suggests, it becomes surreal as well as evil. Continue reading »