Dec 102012

If there were ever a band name that should receive a “Truth In Advertising” award, it would be Bestial Warlust.

The band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1993 and blasted out of the gates with two full-length albums in 1994 (Vengeance War ‘Till Death) and 1995 (Blood & Valour). They followed those with two short demos and a split, and then the band dissolved.

The second demo was a three-song release entitled Satan’s Fist. Before it was recorded, guitarist K.K. Warslut had moved on to Destroyer666 and vocalist Damon Bloodstorm (now with Cemetery Urn) had left to join Abominator, leaving two of the band’s members to record Satan’s Fist: drummer Marcus Hellcunt (now with Vomitor) and guitarist/vocalist Skullfucker.

Hells Headbangers has unearthed Satan’s Fist and has recently released it on both 12″ vinyl and CD (here). Although Bestial Warlust proved to be quite influential in the development of warlike blackened death metal as a sub-genre, listening to Satan’s Fist is not like journeying back to 1996 for a history lesson. It’s a scathing sonic assault that has lost none of its riveting appeal with the passage of time, and it more than holds its own with the best blackened death releases of 2012. Continue reading »