Feb 232022


Almost eight years have passed since the Estonian death metal band Beyond the Structure released their debut album Nauseating Truth. In those intervening years the band did their fair share of touring and released a 2018 EP named Machine of Progress, and line-up changes occurred as well. But now the band are returning with a new album named Scrutiny that’s set for release on April 28th by Vicious Instinct Records.

The new album reveals a band who bring notable technical skill to their performances and display adventurousness in their songwriting, and their lyricism is thoughtful and relevant to some of the most distressing aspects of human evolution and the trials of modern life. They’ve explained that, thematically, the album draws upon the works of Jean-Paul Sartre, the Strugatsky brothers, and Viktor Pelevin in ways that “deal with the crisis of existential existence, mass psychosis, and the inevitable catastrophes caused by the actions of a consumption-based society”.

Those themes come through loud and clear in the lyric video we’re premiering today for a body-mangling, head-spinning album track named “Worms of Consumption Continue reading »