Feb 142017


(Here we have a trio of reviews by Andy Synn, who’s still not finished with 2016.)

So it looks like, barring some sort of unforeseen intervention by an outside source, this will be my penultimate catch-up post for 2016, and very soon I’ll be able to divert my full attention to new releases – both from lesser-known acts and from bigger names – from 2017.

In the meantime, however, here are three more killer albums from last year that really deserved a lot more attention and acclaim than they received. Continue reading »

Jan 072016

Bhavachakra Album Art - S-T Jan 2016


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of an amazing song from the debut album by Bhavachakra.)

Back in 2014 here at NCS, I covered a little-known new progressive death metal act called Infinite Earths based out of Orlando, Florida. The album they released at the time that I covered them was called Spirals From Spacetime, and the whole record was written by band member Kenneth Michael Reda. Sometime after that release, Kenneth left the group and informed me he was working on a brand new black-metal-focused project called Bhavachakra. He recently shared with me the first song he was about to release, and upon hearing it I got really excited and asked if we could premiere it on short notice.

So, here we are today to give you a sneak peek at the group’s upcoming self-titled record via the song “Sybaritic Apparitions”. Continue reading »