Aug 122021


(Comrade Aleks has brought us another excellent interview, this time with a member of the Spanish death metal band Bizarre, whose debut album Invocation Codex is set for release on October 29th by Transcending Obscurity Records.)

There’s a Russian proverb “To run ahead of the train”, which means to make haste and do something earlier than it’s really needed. But I’ve had another “Lovecraftian” period these recent months and found Bizarre’s Invocation Codex promo in my mailbox with the label’s description “Lovecraftian horror”. I couldn’t skip it!

The album is scheduled for October 2021, but as another proverb says – “Strike while the iron is hot” (and “steel is strongest so say we all”). These death metal variations on a theme of “holocaust of ecstasy and freedom” are performed in a savage and uncompromising way, and no bullshit – this four men from Spain are competent in the things they do.

I got in contact with Bizarre’s guitarist Juanpa “Evilead”, and he confirmed the band’s interest in an interview. but… things turned slightly another way and in the end we have this nice chat with GermánObszen” (guitars, bass). Continue reading »