May 312017


To be drawn slowly to your death in a viscous pool of quicksand beneath a pitch-black sky, with no one to hear your screams, must be a terrifying experience. If an earthquake were happening at the same time, with an upheaval of stone smashing your sinking limbs beneath the surface while demons howl in your mind, that combination of experiences might resemble the sensations of this split.

The two violent sludge/doom bands who have joined forces in this outpouring of affliction come from opposite sides of the U.S., yet based on the music, they seem to be kindreds in spirit, bound together in a joint mission to reap the souls of their listeners. The bands are Black Urn and Shrine of the Serpent, and their split will be released on tape by Caligari Records on June 2nd. Continue reading »

Feb 162017


On February 27, two powerful Philadelphia bands, Moros and Black Urn, will release a limited-edition split album on cassette and digitally, and we’ve got a stream of Black Urn’s massive track for your ears today. Its name is “The Spirituality of Elephant Bones“. In addition, we have an interview with Black Urn’s vocalist John Jones.

This new split also includes three tracks of blasted doom/sludge from Moros. The Moros songs were recorded and mixed by Jeff Barow (Ten Ton Hammer) and the Black Urn track by Austin Haines (Outerheaven). The split was mastered by Alex Poole (Skaphe, Krieg). Continue reading »