Jun 082018


Death’s Omnipotence is an apt name for the first EP by the Swedish black metal band Blood Worship: The deep shadows of death loom over the music, and the Great Leveller also strikes with implacable savagery. It is the sound of souls scythed out of existence and of survivors driven to the brink of devastation by their anguish. The music gets heads moving as it lashes and thrashes with explosive energy, and it just as effectively puts a deep chill down the spine. It is, in short, a hell of a good debut.

Blood Worship is a new band, the brainchild of Stockholm-based Astrophobos guitarist Martin Andersson, who also plays bass and contributes backing vocals on the EP. He was aided in the recording by Astrophobos bandmate Micke Broman, who is the lead vocalist here, and by session drummer David Folchitto (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Gravestone).

One track from the EP — “Rites of the Inner Shrine” — previously premiered at DECIBEL, and today we present another in advance of the June 15th release date: It’s the EP’s closing track, “Shadows Etched In Stone“. Continue reading »