Jul 262022


“A New Zealand-based grindcore/power electronics trio that take grindcore and fuse it with jungle, power electronics, and distorted sub-bass stabs. Imagine Atari Teenage Riot vs Napalm Death or Full of Hell and you’re halfway there”.

That’s the come-on we received for the new music of Bloodbox, a grotesquely masked trio who’ve bounced around the world and now seem intent on bouncing the world around, and cutting it up with knives. We’re told that after the dis-banding of the New Zealand based experimental death metal act Vext in 1999, the core members (CyZERNOBrG and Megalith X) moved to London and eventually to Ireland, and that during that time they were inspired to push their music in a more radical and chaotic direction, and in early 2001 Bloodbox was born. Continue reading »