Jul 122017


I remember nearly falling out of my chair (or more accurately being thrown out of it) when I heard the title track to Bloodlust’s new album in early June. It was a virally infectious, bestially ferocious, volcanically hot blast of blackened thrash, with the kind of riffs that seemed written to become instant classics, and the kind of soloing that seemed capable of turning lead ingots into slag. “At the Devil’s Left Hand” was the name of that track, and of course the name of this new second album as well.

Well, now we have the chance to bring you another track from that album in advance of its release by Caverna Abismal on August 24, and this one is called “Freak of the Night“. I thought it would be a heavy lift for Bloodlust to top the title track, but I do believe they have. Continue reading »

Jul 022017

Vacivus 2015


As I started pulling together this Sunday’s round-up of new or newly discovered black and black-ish metal I once again found myself with too many recommendations to squeeze into a single post, despite the fact that I posted one of these SHADES OF BLACK features only two days ago. So, even though 7 bands are featured here, there will be a Part 2, which I probably won’t finish and publish until tomorrow because I’ll be visiting a friend’s licensed weed farm this afternoon. Horticulture FTW.


The first song in this collection was a last-minute addition, and it comes from a band who are more death metal than black metal, but I was so damned excited when I heard this track that I couldn’t wait to foam at the mouth about it. It’s also a damned vicious, pitch-black piece of audio electrification, so I don’t think I’m bending the SHADES OF BLACK format very much by including it.

The song, which first appeared on YouTube this morning, is “Oubliette” and it comes from Temple of the Abyss, the new album by UK-based Vacivus. Profound Lore will release the album on September 22. Continue reading »