Nov 132018


Even if Bloodsoaked Necrovoid had never recorded the kind of horrifying, necrotic death-doom that’s capable of turning your mind into a foul and rotting mess, they would still deserve an award for nightmarishly evocative creativity based on their song titles alone. Here are the names of the four tracks on their debut demo, which was released in July of this year:

1. Quintessence of the Colossal Cosmic Entity
2. Metaphysical Prolapse Through Purulent Detaching Nightmares
3. Dismal Catacombs of Eternal Flagellating Torment
4. Consuming Darkness of Void Towards Inconceivably Vast Insanity

Not to be outdone, they’ve concocted four more deliciously arcane titles for their second demo, which we’re premiering today in advance of its November 23 release by Caligari Records: Continue reading »