Apr 062018


When I first saw the name Boghaunter I made some guesses about the nature of the music crafted by this band from New Hampshire; some of you are probably doing the same thing right now. The name made me think of a dark, dense swampland, the chill air heavy with moisture and the aroma of decay, the features of the landscape obscured by shadows but also by mist, a place where lost spirits wail in the distance. And so I had some kind of slow, spectral doom in mind.

It turns out that wasn’t a bad guess, but as I discovered — and as you’re about to discover — it wasn’t a completely accurate one either.

On May 4th Seeing Red Records will release Boghaunter’s debut EP, Writhe. It consists of two substantial tracks, and today we’re presenting the premiere of the first of those:  “Constellation Vows“. Continue reading »