Feb 272012

(BadWolf brings us another installment in his not-metal music series.)

I find myself  jubilant at the response from the first article in this column. You guys loved Death Grips — and I can’t blame you. However, many of those overwhelmingly positive pieces of feedback held a question: Do I only plan on covering new music? The answer is no. I spend too much effort on exploring metal’s cutting edge to give the same depth to other genres. I also spend next-to-no time scouting non-metal blogospheres, simply because I am acquainted with many wonderful music aficionados in real life who have no interest in heavy metal: consequentially I can basically order up excellent Indie and Hip Hop albums a-la carte. Frequently I find excellent non-metal albums years after the fact.

Case-in-point, quite possibly the most-loved contemporary album among my real-life friends: Brand New’s 2009 opus, Daisy.

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