Oct 182022

It’s our fiendish pleasure today to present the premiere stream of a new split mini-album by the Italy’s Bunker 66 and Germany’s Lucifuge. Aptly etitled Of Night and Lust, it combines three exclusive tracks by each band, and it will be discharged on October 21st via Dying Victims Productions.

The press materials for the split brand it as “24 minutes of ancient speed metal sleaze and metalpunk ghoulishness”, and that’s true, but there’s a lot more going on here, the kind of music that will get heads spinning as well as hammering. Feral lust does indeed live in the music, but there’s hellish magic as well, and fiery glory. And like most excellent splits, the music of the two bands shares a kindred spirit, but with differences that contrast with, as well as complement, each other. Continue reading »