Jun 262019


The devotion of Burial Remains to old school Swedish death metal is extravagant, and masterfully expressed. But it’s almost misleading to call the death metal of Burial Remains “old school”, because that assumes they’ve left the beloved institution still standing, when it sounds instead like they’ve taken sledgehammers to teh structure and then burned the remnants to the ground.

Burn With Me” is in fact the name of the song from their debut album Trinity of Deception that we’re premiering today, in advance of its July 12 release by Transcending Obscurity Records. Actual flames do come to mind in listening to it, but perhaps more often the heated imagery is of the racing fever of a fatal disease. But those aren’t the only images spawned by the track. It proves to be a changing mix of rampaging violence, gruesome putrefaction, and funereal grief. Continue reading »