Oct 062011

(In this post, NCS writer TheMadIsraeli has compiled short introductions to four bands: Uneven Structures, Deus Invictus, Azrath-11, and By Night.)

It’s random music time again. Hope you all have been well. I got reviews coming down the pipe of some nice, rather unknown, shit. I’ll even be giving you a taste of some of it in this post.

Uneven Structure is an ambidjent band hailing from both France and Sweden, including ex-Vildjharta vocalist Matthieu Romarin (if you’ve heard the song “Shiver”, you know who this is). They’ve been working on their very ambitious debut Februus for some time now. It’s a two-disc long concept album with three 20-minute epics to close it out. I’ve been excited just from the snippets, but now they’ve finally unleashed the first taste of their debut.

The album’s opener “Awaken” employs massive revolving-door grooves, dreamy clean, almost-oriental-tinged ambient textures, and an epic outro that builds up to an explosion, only to be cut off before the explosion happens. It’s a nice, and fucking unfair, way to tease you for the album. Hopefully you’ll dig this like I do. The last two minutes or so of this song are simply awe-inducing to me.  Februus will be released on October 31 by Basick Records. Expect to see a review of this album in a couple of weeks once I get my promo around the 14th. (the song is right after the jump) Continue reading »