Jul 022018


We have a couple of fine premieres coming later today, and because I devoted some time to writing about those, I didn’t have time to prepare a full SEEN AND HEARD round-up for this Monday — but with a few spare minutes and a bit of a lag in our publication schedule before the first of those premieres is due to arrive, I thought I’d give you a quick hit — two recent songs that made very positive impressions when I heard them this weekend. I might have time for another one of these posts in between those two premieres as well.


I may have mentioned before that Mantar are one of my favorite bands on the planet. And without meaning to detract from the impact of their recordings, they have become one of my favorites because of their live performances, which I’ve been lucky to witness on three occasions. The power and electrifying impact of what these two do on stage can’t really be captured in a studio, in part because they’re so riveting to watch.

Having said that, I’m still eager to hear their new album, The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze, which will be released by Nuclear Blast on August 24th. Continue reading »

Mar 152018


For want of a better term, some of us refer to certain kinds of songs as a “journey”, because the music changes as it proceeds. Abrupt and unconnected changes wouldn’t normally bring that term to mind. There must instead be some sense of purposeful movement from a starting place to another, different place — a feeling of evolution and progression, even if the movement might ultimately become a circle that ends where it begins.

That notion of a musical journey comes to mind in listening to the new song by the Australian band Cancer that we’re bringing you today through the medium of a music video. The song, “Modus Operandi“, is the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut album, Into the Heartless Silence, which is expected for release in June via Throats Productions. The album builds upon the musical explorations revealed through the band’s 2016 debut EP, Terminal. Continue reading »

Nov 132016



Once again I find myself drowning in attractive new black metal. I’ve assembled some of my new discoveries in this post and have in mind pulling together a second round-up for tomorrow — but yes, I do remember how foolish it is for part-time, half-witted metal bloggers to make forecasts of what they’ll do in the future. I’ll just say… maybe.

This is one of those times when all of the underground bands featured here are newcomers to our site, and I’ve bent the framework of this series a bit with the last band, which is more in the vein of death than black metal. Hope you find something to like…


Oh look! Another Icelandic black metal band! There seem to be more of them than there are snowflakes in Iceland, but on the other hand, I haven’t yet been disappointed by any of them. I was particularly unable to resist the lure of Draugsól (as if I wanted to) when I saw the fantastic cover art by Moonroot Art for their debut album, Volaða Land. Continue reading »